Elevated basic bags. Iala Díez is a leather accessories brand that was born in 2015 with the aspiration to bring the high level craftsmanship closer to contemporary woman. Iala Diez’s bags are thought for a modern and natural woman, woman who needs essential, comfortable and fresh pieces with a touch of modern tradition. Each piece oozes simplicity and subtlety and is designed and produced to last. 

Timeless pieces with a strong touch of new tradition. The warmth of leather and  handmade work give personality to our bags.  Simplicity is the best ornament. 

Something else. Iala Diez works for those that are searching for something else behind the objects. We offer “this something else” through a very special production process;  hand stitching. For us, this feature is also an aesthetic element that makes our bags really unique. 

Silent luxury. At Iala Diez, the luxury  is time, dedication, roots, identity, sensibility, skill, passion and sustainability. We try to place on every bag a little of these values.   

Show the power of simplicity, feel the truth of  handmade work, find the beauty in the small details, discover the subtlety of a new tradition. 

Slow production. 100% hand stitched. 100% from Spain. The seams of our bags are made by hand, stitch by stitch, with time and the expertise of the artisans, using just two needles and waxed thread. This process guarantees long lasting seams and gives a unique aesthetic to each piece. Iala Díez is born with the compromise to recover the connection between the high quality handmade work and the financial reward. The value of our goods is extremely connected with the time production and the leather quality.


Honest and sustainable materials. The local development is the key to get a sustainable economy. The identity of Iala Díez is rooted in the region of Castilla y Leon (Spain), an area with centuries of history in craftsmanship  and leather production. In our region, there are a couple of small towns whose economy is based on leather traditional production. Here we get a very special material, vegetable tanned leather, which  is produced in small traditional factories with a 100% vegetable tanning process using mimosa extract. 

Jessica Tena. Bagmaker. Originally from Bilbao, Jessica studies architecture. After years working in the construction business, and moved from her passion for the design and creative process, decides to change her life and founding Iala Díez in 2015.

"I'm fascinated by the beauty of simple things and the warmth of the natural materials." "I discovered the traditional bagmaker work, and I felt in love with the idea of how many things you can do just with the skill of your hands. It's an amazing work, full of possibilities." "I get inspired by every day objects, architecture and sensations".